The Kauai Mental Health Advocates is on a mission to destigmatize the issues surrounding mental health through engaging community events, education, and resource sharing. Through this process, we have developed a board of directors responsible for upholding KMHA’s mission.
Board of Directors
Co founder of KMHA
From parents that served their communities in the medical and social service fields, Franci was meant to follow her purpose as a clinician and community advocate. Originally venturing from Connecticut in 2011, Franci had no idea that Kauai would embrace her so beautifully as a permanent resident where she has been able to develop her skills as a mental health practitioner, amateur boxer and coach, training workshop facilitator, and creative community activist and organizer.

Building her private practice as a licensed clinician, Franci is well versed in emotional and identity development with adolescents, suicide prevention, behavioral modification, family therapy, and healing in intergenerational trauma. However, her true heart work has always been to work with the communities she is rooted in through various modalities especially art and education in what ultimately makes her bad ass.
Co founder of KMHA
Bel Heredia is a registered nurse at Wilcox Medical Center, where she specializes in women’s and infant health. She enjoys teaching childbirth classes and helping mothers as a lactation counselor. Bel has always had a fascination with the mind, brain and the way mental health is supported and perceived in the community.

As a member of KMHA, Bel is able to use her skills and passions to further the mission of this outstanding organization.
A transplant from New Jersey, Allison has had close ties to Kaua'i her entire life, and is dedicated to educating herself and others on how to best serve the place she now calls home.

Moved by KMHA's mission to provide resources and support for the community, Allison led several virtual Community Conversations in conjunction with KMHA. Soon, she was asked to become more involved and join the official board for KMHA, contributing her marketing skills and nonprofit experience to KMHA's mission. As a new mother, Allison is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive network of mental health resources for the youth of Kaua'i.
Board Member
Allyn serves as KMHA’s Treasurer, and has worked in the field of social work on Kaua'i for the last 16 years in varying capacities. During that time, the children and families that she has served taught her some of the most valuable lessons in her life. "This work has also highlighted some of the challenges that our community faces, specifically in regards to mental health," says Allyn.

As a KMHA board member, she hopes to carry forth the mission of de-stigmatizing mental health by providing educational opportunities to further the acceptance and understanding of mental health issues, and promoting total well-being for all members of our community. Allyn possesses a Bachelor's degree in Child Development and a Master's in Social Work.
Board Member
Although retired, Warren remains active in the Kaua`i community at All Saints Preschool and at Friendship House. The mission of KMHA resonates strongly with him and aligns with his educational background of a Masters in Counseling Psychology and much of his previous work in the mental health field. This includes being a Kaua`i Jail Diversion Coordinator at Adult Mental Health Division, a Child Life Therapist at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, a Preschool Director in Kapa’a, and a Research Consultant. Warren is also a veteran of the US Army, offering his services in the Chaplain Corp in Berlin, Germany.
Involved in science and music from an early age, and with formal education as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, Roger arrived on Kaua`i in 1989 to work at the Wilcox Hospital Emergency & Intensive Care units. As the implications of the global Internet became obvious, he later transitioned to a career as a technology consultant, founding a Kaua`i small business based upon learned concepts of holistic approaches as well as organized problem solving.

Having first hand experience with the concept of creative self expression being critical to mental health, Roger is able to facilitate those experiences for others, especially within the musical realm. Roger also brings decades of Kaua`i based small business experience to his service with KMHA.