Healing Mental
Health Artshow

Bridging our mental health and art communities together, the Healing Mental Health art show provides a local platform for our residential artists and mental health advocates a platform to create relatable testimony on the impacts of mental health in a variety of artistic formats. Each show connects Kaua’i communities with a uniting theme, attracting county leaders, business owners, members of our art and mental health communities, and local media personnel to the show.

Together we share a space that openly discusses experiences impacted by mental health, promote artists’ expressive outlets, share information and resources on suicide prevention, and recognize the profound benefits of community support.

Through different art forms, are are able to destigmatize the issues surrounding mental health and real components to suicide, learn about healthy coping tools through participation and expression in the arts, and inspire local artists, youth, and residents to engage in alternative resources for optimal health and growth. We look forward to when we are able to host in person, but are working on virtual options for 2021 to continue to offer this healing experience to the community.

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